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Just Listen: Fuel for Your Work

by Corinne on October 21, 2011

The simple act of listening to someone’s life story can be transformative. When I’ve felt hopeless or fearful about moving forward toward my goals, whether it was writing a novel or becoming a yoga teacher, I’ve turned to people who I admire. I’ve learned more from their journeys than I learned in two years of graduate school.

Their wisdom and humility has held me together every time I wanted to give up or didn’t believe in myself. When I realize the humble beginnings of people like Stephen King or the fact that Ira Glass wasn’t always creating the award-winning work he puts into the world today, I regain perspective.

If you can find people who speak to you and your truth, you’ll never be alone and you’ll always be able to move forward toward your dreams.

Here’s some of my go-to pick-me-ups to get you started:

1. Stephen King’s On Writing (I highly recommend listening to the audio version!)

2. Ira Glass on Storytelling (and good taste)

3. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird

4. A Conversation with Ray Bradbury

What lifts you up?

Happy Bliss Chasing,


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