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The map that’s helping me find my way again.

by Corinne on December 10, 2012

Lately, I’ve had an uneasy feeling. In one word, confused. My little family, my job, my health, all fill me with happiness and ease. I’m not overlooking these blessings–I thank my lucky stars for every one of them. But my writing, the words with my name on them, felt unsteady.

And then on Friday, I got the call. Probably a call that any writer would dread. My agent–a woman who has been my friend, editor, partner and cheerleader over the past three years–wanted to have the talk. And deep down inside, I knew we needed to have it. I’d changed, grown, shifted, and we weren’t on the same page anymore. No hard feelings. No ones fault. But, in the moment, it hurt.

Mostly, I felt lost, embarrassed, and mournful. I knew it was the natural next step and I needed to let go, but my pride was getting in the way. My ego was shouting at me: What will everyone think? You put in all this effort and you failed. You just blogged about how great everything was going. Did you really think you were going to be successful? And at the core of it all: You’re not good enough. Ouch.

I turned to two people who have been there for me every step of the way. My husband gave me a shoulder to cry on and my dear friend and boss, Kris, gave me some good ole advice and perspective. This doesn’t mean I won’t write fiction. It’s not a reflection of the quality of my work. It’s just another stop along the way. Rejection is good! Kris urged me to toast to this shift instead of resisting it. So that evening, after tucking Audrey into bed, I poured a glass of vino and clinked glasses with Steve. Here’s to rejection, I said, and I felt a little better.

But it takes more than 24 hours to move on, even if I was trying my best to keep my chin up. I still felt…off. As always, the universe had already given me exactly what I needed. I’d bought The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte the day before the call. Hello, life line.

Over the past three days, I’ve spent every free moment listening to Danielle read The Desire Map on my iPhone. Chores became pure delight as I washed dishes, mopped, and vacuumed the weekend away to Desire 101. Sunday morning, I printed out the first section of Book Two: The Workbook. While Audrey napped and Steve watched football, I sat on my bed, played The Desire Map’s soulful Spotify playlist and tore through the worksheets.

Three hours swept by. My heart raced. My stomach flip flopped. I felt uncomfortable, daring, hopeful. Clearly, I needed to do this work. And at the end of those three hours, I smiled. I felt lighter. I didn’t have answers, but I had less noise. I just felt present and I knew that I had begun something that would feed me and truly help me lead a happier life.

The Desire Map

I could see my blessings in bright, dazzling lights and I started to feel like I could take a little breather from my fiction. It’s not going anywhere. Maybe now is the time to read more, be present more, take more notes, journal, and just be. Maybe that’s what’s going to bring the best stories out of me. I’ve been writing so fast the past three years–trying to reach goal after goal. Maybe I just need to live. Not to mention the fact that I’m working on a digital book with Kris right now, which fills me with excitement and joy. Maybe that needs my attention at the moment.

For now, I’m doing what feels good. Early morning yoga and writing before the babe wakes up. Focusing on my job and soaking in all the phenomenal opportunities it offers me. Being present while reading Audrey a book or sitting with Steve in our decked out living room while the Yule Log crackles in HD. All of these things feel spacious, infinite and nourishing. That’s where I want to exist.

Here’s to Desire Mapping, new beginnings and letting go.



My New Job: Creative Director at!

by Corinne on August 31, 2012

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

This month was a biggie–for facing fears, taking leaps, and new beginnings. August kicked off with a biz trip to Woodstock, NY for a week…without my kiddo (for the first time). I was worried that I’d be a mess or she would be a mess or both. Luckily, we both had a fantastic week–Audrey with her Dad and grandparents in Baltimore and me with Kris Carr on her little farmette.

We spent our time planning out the launch of Crazy Sexy Kitchen, working on an awesome new program, eating some seriously delicious food (and drinking green juice, of course) and rescuing butterflies. I got a little break from mamahood and Audrey had a blast with her extended family. When we were reunited, it was pure joy and I had a renewed sense of gratitude for my family and my life. Win!

Rewind back to my last day in Woodstock. I was sitting on Kris’ porch, wrapping up our whirlwind week of work, when she asked me, “Wanna be my Creative Director?” (She was much more eloquent, but you get the idea.) As we discussed the position, I began to realize that this was the job I’d been working toward my whole life and it felt like the position was just falling in my lap. I finally understood one of the many wise things Joseph Campbell shared with the world:

“We must let go of the life we have planned,
so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

I couldn’t have predicted that Kris would offer me this position or that it would be exactly what I wanted to do. I couldn’t have planned it out or forced it to happen. I just had to be my best self and be open to the possibility of good things happening. And they did.

Since I’m part of Team nowadays, I won’t be taking new copywriting/editing clients for the foreseeable future (Our new website launches 9/17!). If you’d like to receive my monthly newsletter (and you don’t already), which includes updates on all things writing, mamahood + vegan cooking, I hope you’ll sign up here so that we can stay in touch.

Sending you best wishes for September and a big thank you for being one of my readers!



Crazy Sexy Biz Trip

by Corinne on August 17, 2012

On Monday, I packed up and set off for a quick biz trip to Woodstock. I didn’t know how I’d feel the first night away. I was nervous to leave my baby girl, but also excited to work in person with Kris Carr for the first time in many, many months (and have a few days off full-time mamahood). I gave Audrey a quick kiss on the head and hurried out the door before she could see me tear up.

Six hours, a couple green juices and a kombucha later, I arrived at Twin Gables B & B.

The next morning, I left downtown Woodstock and set off for a day at Crazy Sexy HQ.

Each morning I was greeted with a big glass of green juice. Kris and her husband make the best veggie juice on the planet. You know what else Kris makes? Superb sandwiches. In case you’re wondering, this magical sammie contained: sunflower sprouts, avocado, tempeh, heirloom tomatoes, and Vegenaise on Ezekial sprouted bread.

Kris’ hubs, Brian, found an injured butterfly in the driveway. We made friends and gave him a little watermelon snack.

I spent the second two nights at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary B & B. It’s charming, cozy, and surrounded by happy, rescued creatures.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

We brainstormed, wrote like crazy, dreamed big (and then bigger), and when we had an EUREKA! moment, Kris jumped in the pool…with her clothes on.

It was a week of renewal, immense creativity, and lots of joy. I missed my little one, my husband and our Charm City rowhouse, but I knew that our reunion would here before I knew it. Those three days were a gift–something that I’ll always cherish.

And it’s just the beginning.


Travels of a Vegan Kiddo + Rediscovering Home

by Corinne on July 24, 2012

Now that Audrey is eating three main meals plus snacks throughout the day, traveling is a bit more of a challenge, especially when you have two 8-hour car rides over the course of a long weekend. I decided to hit the kitchen the night before departure for a marathon cooking session. I came out on the other side with zucchini muffins, mac n’ cheese cups (recipe here), tri-color slaw, and lentil soup. The soup was the biggest hit, with the zucchini muffins and mac n’ cheese as a close second.

What was the biggest benefit of prepping her food? I didn’t have to cook while staying at my in-laws and I could focus more on relaxing and soaking up time with friends and family (plus, building a new love for my home town!).

Steve & Audrey at Boulder Coffee at Rochester Public Market

Me & Audrey at Rochester Public Market

High Falls overlooking Genesee Brewing Company

High Falls (Rochester, NY)

We spent Saturday morning exploring Rochester’s Public Market and visiting High Falls. We were amazed at the food, produce, flea market and irresistible coffee, flower, and bakery shops that the market had to offer. I started to realize that I might have underestimated Flower City. I could picture our family visiting the public market every weekend. On our way back to the in-laws, we made a pit stop at High Falls. Tucked amidst old brick buildings (originally flour mills and factories that were powered by the waterfalls) is a bridge that stretches across the Genesee River. We stood in awe of the falls and watched as a baby deer ran towards the river bed below.

I also discovered breathe studio‘s juice bar in Pittsford, NY. Delicious organic green juice for a great price. Heaven.

The whole reason for our trip was to celebrate our niece’s 1st birthday. As you can see, Audrey enjoyed her cousin’s swing set quite a bit (and so did Steve). She’s giddy around her grandparents, auntie, uncle, cousins and close family friends. Yet another reason to love my home town and hope to live there again someday.

On our journey home, we discovered The Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, PA. I’ve driven through Williamsport hundreds of times, oblivious to this gem of a restaurant. Thankfully, Google gave us a hand. Holy vegan-friendly menu! Audrey and I shared a veggie tofu pizza that was delish.

Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies 25% off + bonuses

Now that we’re home, I’m happy to be cooking again in my kitchen and juicing with my juicer. Today, I made a cuke-pear-celery-romaine-ginger-lemon-parsley juice. So good.

In case you’re interested in learning the A to Z of juicing and smoothie making (plus tons of recipes), Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies is on sale until July 29. 25% off! Kris is also giving away 5 juicers and a Vitamix blender. I use my juicer and blender everyday and they help to make mealtime (and juice/smoothie time) a breeze.

❤ ,


My How, When + Why: Green Juice

by Corinne on July 12, 2012

Everything I’ve learned about green juices and smoothies has been through my pal, marvelous mentor + client, Kris Carr. While in the trenches at Crazy Sexy Life headquarters a couple years back, our crew juiced everyday at the office (or picked up juice at a local joint). It was just part of daily life. Period. That was four years ago. Today, I’m in Baltimore full time, Skype-working with Ms. Kris, and raising a one-year-old. Life has changed, but my craving for green juice has not.

It wasn’t until my vacation in June that I reconnected with green juice, after a year of falling off the wagon time and time again. With a juice bar just down the road in Bar Harbor, ME, there was no excuse for skipping my daily green juice and I was happy to oblige. After seven straight days, I was hooked again and ready to pull my juicer out of hiding.

Since then, except for the power outage fiasco, I’ve juiced every day. Since your body doesn’t have to digest the fiber in your veggie juice, your cells receive an instant infusion of vitamins, nutrients, and all that other good stuff. Use organic produce whenever you can!

My favorite green juice:

Makes 20-25 ounces

2 cucumbers

1 head romaine

2-3 stalks celery

1 apple

1 lime (peeled)

1 1-inch piece of ginger

This is just my variation of Kris’ daily juice recipe (she is more gutsy with the greens, I like a milder + sweeter juice). Usually, I drink half right away and put the other half in a lidded mason jar (yet another Kris tip).

Here’s why I love juicing:

❤ Instant focus + energy boost

❤ Better digestion

❤ Decreased junk food cravings, less over-eating

❤ Improved mood + less mood swings = inner balance

❤ Stronger immune system, less susceptible to colds, flu, etc.

I’ve traveled a lot this summer and I love being able to pick up a Blue Print green juice at Whole Foods while on the road. Yes, making and buying veggie juice costs extra money, but I compensate by rarely going to bars (alcohol is pretty pricey too!) and opting for regular coffee vs. soy lattes when at a cafe (most of the time). Saving a dollar here and there adds up and I like to put those extra bucks toward long term health and instant energy.

The Tools

I’ve been using a Breville Ikon Multi-Speed juicer for the past four years and it’s never let me down (looks like their newer model is the Juice Fountain Elite). There are countless juicers out there and you’ll find a breakdown of all of them in Kris’ juice + smoothie ebook. If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a juicer yet, visit a juice bar or pick up a bottled green juice at Whole Foods every day for a week (make sure your green juice is raw + 100% veggies/fruits–no added anything!). See how you feel. I bet you’ll make the investment after that. If you’re looking for a more affordable juicer, I recommend the Breville Compact Juicer ($139).

More questions? Just ask! Now, excuse me while I go make a green juice.



Woodstock Recap: Reunion & Renewel

by Corinne on April 15, 2012

Last weekend, I was overjoyed to wake up in a gorgeous farmhouse in Woodstock, NY. We stayed two nights at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary B & B. Since Audrey decided to keep the whole house up the night before, we were awake bright and early to meet our furry and feathered friends. Sidenote: I am a mess when Audrey’s poor mood interrupts the peace and quiet of others. This is a mama mindset that I’m working on. Even after she finally fell asleep after hours of crying, my adrenaline kept me wide awake in fear that the crying would begin again and we’d inconvenience our fellow B & B guests further. Deep breaths…

Needless to say, we were all bleary-eyed that morning, but determined to enjoy our stay in the Catskills (and so excited to see Kris and Brian!). Our little family walked around the farm and admired the cows, sheep, pigs, roosters, chickens, geese, ducks, hogs, and cats. It is truly a transformative experience to be so close to the animals and realize their intelligence and unique personalities. I’m sure that this is the first of many trips we’ll be taking to animal sanctuaries across the country.

Next up, Kris and Brian’s casa! The Crazy Sexy Kitchen shoot was wrapping up just as we arrived. Delicious remnants of the week-long cooking and photographing marathon awaited us, as did a big glass of green juice. Kris and Brian really do make the best green juice on the planet. We toasted to Crazy Sexy Kitchen and our fabulous team and kicked off the reunion on a nourishing note. Audrey had the first sip of my juice, of course.

The rest of the weekend was filled with jaw-dropping meals, gorgeous walks, Audrey hugs, long-lively-lovely conversation, and more veggie juice. Although we hadn’t physically seen each other for over a year (Skype doesn’t count!), it was like the good ole days, but even better. What a welcome respite from the city. I can’t wait to return!